Rocket League

Rocket League is a game I have played. I’ve played it a fair bit (for me, that is). It’s replaced World of Warcraft (which is probably a good thing) as that game that I launch to kill a bit of time, to play with friends, to just have fun. Since I bought the game in August last year I’ve managed to play it for about 220 hours. I had a bit of a break over Christmas but with the new update I’m putting in even more time to try and rank up.

Season 2 Stats

So why am I playing Rocket League so much? I own all these other games on Steam, over 300 of them, most I haven’t even installed let alone played, and here I am sinking over 9 days straight worth of my time into this rocket-powered car soccer (football) game! Why?

My answer to that question, is that it’s fun. It’s fun to play. It’s really fun to win, and it’s still almost-sorta-kinda fun when you lose. I’m not amazing at the game, but I’m better than bad (most of the time). One of the best things I like about the game as well is that there isn’t all that much of a meta-game out there. There’s tactics and strategy, but mostly it’s about skill. Decision making, teamwork, quick thinking and quicker reflexes.


But seriously, it’s more fun when you win.

I’ve tried playing Dota 2 before. A few different friends have tried to get me into it, and I just can’t. Something about the 100+ different heroes to choose from, the multiple items to choose, 5v5, mix and match, last hit… it was all just a bit too much for me. In Rocket League you just pick a car, any car (well, you pick the DeLorean. Come on.), and away you go. You can jump into solo, doubles, standard (3v3), chaos (4v4), and even more creative maps online with a bunch of other people (there was an average of around 25,000 people playing last month). It’s pure, simple fun.

This article pretty much sums up my initial reaction to Rocket League, and not a whole lot has changed. I’m probably not playing as much as I was at first, but I’m pretty comfortable with the level I’m at. I don’t feel the need to grind away at training in order to get better, I’m just slowly improving as I play more. The experience is making me better, and the experience is fun. It’s definitely something I won’t be uninstalling any time soon.

Another reason for that is the updates. Around Christmas last year we got the Snow Day update, changing the game from rocket-powered car soccer (football), to rocket-powered car ice hockey, then came Rocket Labs, with some crazy new map designs, and just recently this was announced:


Rocket-Powered Car Basketball

Now with the announcement of the Rocket League Championship Series, and cross-platform play allowing Xbox users to join PS4 and PC users, the game is just going to keep on growing. New game modes, new maps, new cars… It might not have looked like it at first, but the game is meant to be an eSport. It’s competitive, skill-based and ridiculous to watch at the highest levels. Just watch some of these plays in awe.


  • Title: Rocket League
  • Platform: PC/Steam
  • Release Date: 7th Jul 2015
  • Purchase Date: 9th Aug 2015
  • Playtime: 220h

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